IndigOz Sisters

Celebrating Nostalgia. Appreciating Craft.

A space to connect with like minded people to share and learn about beautiful Indian arts, crafts and fashion.

Our aim is to bring together appreciators of Indian arts and crafts in Fashion, create a sense of community, and learn about this timeless artisanship curated from across the country.

Spreading the knowledge and love of Indian artisans, designers and creators whether in hand embroidery, fabric making, dying or any other form - broadening the view about Indian fashion which is limited to either ghagra choli or Bohemian (harem pants) to beautiful contemporary designs we used to call Fusion style- which is a mix of western design with a touch of Indian flair and created from pure materials and hand crafted. 


Saari evening with wine and Sitar

A workshop to learn and know more about hand embroidery like Zardosi

A contemporary Jewelry making evening

An evening to learn great Mughalai food from Nawab Family
Night of Ghazals and Old indian songs

We are bringing all of these here, in our beloved city Sydney!

You can call it a club, a meet up or just a community!

Join with us to share and connect

Do you miss this as we do?
Coming from the land of thousands of mills and manufacturers, and tailors at every corner of the streets, our wardrobe would have also been filled with at least three different styles of traditional, western and not to forget, the beloved fusion wear. And oh what a treat it was to then style them with a collection of fancy shoes and jewelry. It was so exhilarating to be able to express our varied moods and personalities through the ensemble of the carefully collected wardrobe gems.
After coming to Australia, and due to the fast fashion trend, we settled for cheap plain brands and plastic like polyester fabric. Because it was excruciatingly painful to pay the pricey tags of a garment with slightly different cut and hand made, but in equally plain fabric available at other places. Then there were the brands with “Bohemian” designs but honestly, the white washed marketing of those brands doesn't make us very uncomfortable every time we step in the store or hit their website? Not to mention, they don't give any credit to the Indian artists and craftsmen sitting back in India creating these pieces for them.
Don't we Miss the clothes made in softest of materials like mul mul and beautiful chanderi silk. Fabric that is hand block printed and embroidered, brimming with delicate craftsmanship and attention to detail. Remember Kantha work, Abhla/Mirror work and oh my God the Bandhani/ Bandhej!!
But all sitting at the other end of the world. Unreachable. Wish there was a space where we could all share this love and learn about these different crafts with each other. Sounds like an expensive venture! Instead, let's take one step at a time. And that’s what IndigOz Sisters is - establishing links. So we can have all we love and crave, here, now and with ease.


25th My, 2022


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Coming Soon